Elmer J. Wen

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The New York Times has just published a superb investigative report on the family fortune of Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao. This follows reports on the fortunes of disgraced high-flier Bo Xilai and president-in-waiting Xi Jinping.

At the moment, no comment yet from Wen.


Sisyphus Romney

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A Republican candidate for one of Indiana's seats in the U.S. Senate seat is under fire for having suggested that pregnancy resulting from rape is "something that God intended to happen."

McKayla is not impressed. And neither, we presume, is Mitt Romney.


Zen and the Art of Washing Rice

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Made this comic after an afternoon shooting the preparation for and operation of a weekly soup kitchen by Second Harvest Japan in Tokyo's Ueno Park. Starring in this comic is Kosone-san, and I must confess that she told me absolutely nothing about her mother's rice washing techniques ... I made up the entire text (except that the main points about rice washing are all valid).

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