Being Mo Farah

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One for the runners ...

Yesterday Galen Rupp edged Bernard Lagat to win the U.S. Olympic Trials 5,000 meters and earn a second berth on the U.S. Olympic team (he won the 10,000 meters earlier in the week and probably will run both events at the Olympic Games).

Rupp, however, is only the second-best runner in his Alberto Salazar-coached training group. British world 5,000 meters champion Mo Farah was busy as well this week, winning the European Championships 5,000 meters in Helsinki.

Lagat, of course, is no slouch: he is a five-time world champion at distances from 1,500 to 5,000 meters, and he has a drawer full of silver and bronze medals as well, including Olympic silver and bronze.


The Lady (Gaga) and the Ambassador

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In news from Japan, a teacup used by Lady Gaga at a press conference in Tokyo in June 2011 has raised $75,137.50 at auction for Japanese earthquake relief.


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Immigration news from the Supreme Court on Monday, reported here in the Tucson Sentinel.


Too Much Like Hard Work

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Jeremy Wariner won the 400 meters at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, and silver in Beijing. Though he hasn't had a BAD career, he hasn't had the career that probably he – and the rest of us – expected.

His coach is Clyde Hart, who was Michael Johnson's coach, ahem, and who was Wariner's coach until just before the Beijing Olympics, when Wariner reportedly offered Hart a new contract for substantially less money. Hart declined, Wariner performed below expectations, and the following year, admitted he'd made a mistake. They're back together again, but Wariner has never run close to his pre-Beijing best.

As for the 800, those of us who have run it and CAN'T run under 45 seconds for 400 are eternally grateful that nearly everyone who CAN run under 45 seconds for 400 (you're the exception, Alberto, you stud) finds the idea of training to run two laps ... hilarious.
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