The Emperor

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Two-time Olympic 10,000 meters champion and former marathon world record holder Haile Gebrselassie finished seventh in the Ethiopian 10,000 meters Olympic trials in the Netherlands last week, ending his bid to run in a fifth Olympic Games. 

After the race, he said, "That's life. I am not disappointed ... I tried to qualify for my fifth Olympics. And I don't regret trying to do so ... I simply came up against stronger rivals on Sunday."

But wait! Haile may no longer be the fastest Ethiopian (or human, as he once was) over 10,000 meters, but he has run a very quick 1,500 meters. Sure, it was (more than) a few years ago, but it's unquestionably easier to qualify to represent Ethiopia in the 1,500 than the 10,000. Maybe he could ...

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