The Emperor

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Two-time Olympic 10,000 meters champion and former marathon world record holder Haile Gebrselassie finished seventh in the Ethiopian 10,000 meters Olympic trials in the Netherlands last week, ending his bid to run in a fifth Olympic Games. 

After the race, he said, "That's life. I am not disappointed ... I tried to qualify for my fifth Olympics. And I don't regret trying to do so ... I simply came up against stronger rivals on Sunday."

But wait! Haile may no longer be the fastest Ethiopian (or human, as he once was) over 10,000 meters, but he has run a very quick 1,500 meters. Sure, it was (more than) a few years ago, but it's unquestionably easier to qualify to represent Ethiopia in the 1,500 than the 10,000. Maybe he could ...


The Remaking of Mark Zuckerberg

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Oil Slick Jesse

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Another comic on the subject of the election to fill former Representative Gabrielle Giffords's seat in Arizona's Congressional District 8. Giffords's former district manager Ron Barber is going up against Republican Jesse Kelly, who it appears will say just about anything, regardless of its relationship to the truth.


Being Jesse Kelly

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Regular readers will know I cartoon for TucsonSentinel.com, which is at the moment covering the campaign to fill Representative Gabrielle Giffords' seat in Congress. The combatants, er, candidates, are Giffords's former district director Ron Barber, and Republican Jesse Kelly, who was involved in a kerfuffle about his endorsement by a group reported to be anti-illegal immigrant "neo-Nazis" the other day while being interviewed by Arizona television station KGUN9. Kelly's spokesman John Ellinwood lost his cool when reporter Jennifer Waddell relayed a viewer's question about the anti-illegal immigrant group ALIPAC's endorsement of the Republican candidate.

It's tricky, knowing when to cut your old buddies loose when they start to drag you down. But Jesse? It's time.


State Dinner

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President Obama: "The leaders here understand the stakes. They know the magnitude of the choices they have to make and the enormous political and economic and social costs if they don't."


Lookin' for Love

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The Wall Street Journal published an excellent account of the clusterfuck that has been the "rescue" and handback of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, including Chen's declaration to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton via telephone that he wanted to kiss her, his reported declaration to U.S. officials that he wanted to leave the embassy, and his subsequent very public about-face.

Not to mention that U.S. officials were somehow persuaded to smuggle Chen into the embassy past Chinese security forces (a bit of a diplomatic 'no-no') and that Chen's "defection" forced Ambassador Gary Locke to cut short his family holiday in Bali.

Don't look for Ben and Jerry to be creating 'Chocolate Chip Chen' or 'Blind Man's Brownie Nut' flavors any time soon.


Blind Justice

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After blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng was booted from (er, voluntarily left the protection of) the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday, he expressed fears for his own safety and the safety of his family, raising questions about whether or not U.S. government officials caved to pressure from China.


The Carter School

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This week, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sought to diminish any credit voters might give President Obama for ordering the killing of Osama bin Laden a year ago, saying, "Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order."
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