Mike Daisey Sleeps with the Fishes

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The public radio show This American Life has retracted a story told by comedian and self-described Apple fanboy Mike Daisey that aired in early January after Daisey's translator said he made up significant details of the tale.

A good take on Daisey's fraud is here.


Some of My Best Friends ...

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"During an interview with CBS Sports’ analyst Clark Kellogg at halftime, Cameron said it was his first time at a basketball game. While he got a briefing on the rules before arriving, he said the game was 'hard at times to follow'."

March Madness

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It was a big day for Mormons Tuesday, as the Brigham Young Cougars rallied from a record 25 points down to beat Iona and advance to the next round of the NCAA basketball tournament.

In other news, Rick Santorum won the Mississippi and Alabama primaries, and remains disgusted by homosexuality.


Sluts & Politicians

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In case you're keeping your ammunition dry until after the Republican Party Convention, the other day conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown law student a "slut" for her testimony to Congress about the need for birth control coverage. President Obama called the student to express his horror at the insensitivity of conservative Republicans, and leading Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum offered half-hearted condemnations of Limbaugh's choice of words. That is all.
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