Best Laid Schemes ...

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Wouldn't it be great if he was just kidding? And rose from the dead? 

It would be the greatest "gotcha" in world history.


Are Voters Warming Up to Santorum?

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In the final days before the Iowa caucuses, Rick Santorum has surged into contention as a Republican presidential candidate, moving past last week's sweetheart Newt Gingrich in the latest CNN-Time poll.

Campaigning in Iowa, Santorum stayed on message for conservatives, saying it's the "birthright" of every child to have "a mom and dad". That's opposed to two dads or two moms, for those of you who haven't been following the homophobic rhetoric Santorum has peddled for years.

And if you haven't been following along, just for fun, Google "Santorum" and click on the top result.


Introducing ... the AIR JORDAN chill factory

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The big pre-Christmas retail excitement was the launch of a new – retro – pair of Nike Air Jordans, the Air Jordan XI. Shoppers were so excited, in fact, they were literally tearing the doors off their hinges and trampling little kids in order to ... be like Mike.

The Great Illuminator

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It's a Family Affair

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Got thinking today, what's it going to take to make Herman Cain quit? He's like one of those inflatable dolls (no, not THAT kind of inflatable doll!) that you punch and it bounces back up again and again.

Today's gem was: "I've got to think about my family first. That is absolutely my No. 1 priority."

That prompted a trip to Google, where it was revealed that he and Gloria have been married since ... 1968. Think they've got a prenup? Not a chance! Think she's gonna get a decent settlement? Hahahaha!!! It may start with 9-9-9, but it will have a lot of zeroes after that.

Bringing us to ... Sly and The Family Stone.
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