Japan's New Prime Minister Gets To Work

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On Tuesday, Japan's parliament elected Yoshihiko Noda prime minister, the country's sixth leader in five years.

Noda, the country's finance minister under outgoing prime minister Naoto Kan, likened himself to a loach, an eel-like, bottom feeding fish, rather than the more prime ministerial goldfish, noting that good looks would not be part of his strategy for pulling the country out of recession and setting tsunami- and radiation-affected regions of the country on a path to recovery.


The Number One Problem

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Indian activist Anna Hazare has begun a public hunger strike to protest an anti-corruption bill - currently before Parliament - that he and others say is too weak to solve the country's problems.

Addressing the crowds as he began his two-week hunger strike, Hazare, 74, called his campaign India's "second fight for independence." He said, "We got independence in 1947 and the white (the British rulers) left our country. But there's no end to corruption, crime and looting. This is now our second fight for independence. Whether or not I live, this fight will go on."


Buffett & Blankfein

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Everyone's favorite billionaire, Warren Buffett is in the news today, urging Congress to "stop coddling the super-rich". Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein was unavailable to Politicomix for comment.


The History of Social Media as a Tool to Incite Violence

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British Prime Minister David Cameron Thursday said his government is exploring ways in which it might restrict the use of social media, to prevent them from being "used for ill."

China, understandably, was unimpressed. A Xinhua editorial offered, "We may wonder why western leaders, on the one hand, tend to indiscriminately accuse other nations of monitoring, but on the other take for granted their steps to monitor and control the Internet."


Bullet Train Fatalities in East Asia

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I've recently gotten interested in information graphics, but I'm not very experienced in making them. I thought I'd start with an easy one.

Faster than a Chinese Bullet Train

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Following the recent bullet train crash in Zhejiang province that killed 40 people, the Chinese government has announced it will slow the trains nationwide while it conducts comprehensive safety checks throughout the high-speed rail network.
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