A Mouse's Tale

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Found this little guy, soaking wet, in my garden the other day, extremely disoriented. I can only imagine one of the cats dragged him there, shook him around a little, and slobbered all over him. But it could have been something else. In any event, the story had a happy ending (for mouse lovers, if not for carnivorous felines); the mouse regained some of his mental faculties, and crawled off under a bush to marshal his strength prior to making a dash for freedom.


The SMAP Summit

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A weekend trilateral summit among the leaders of Japan, South Korea and China featured the impromptu (uh-huh) a cappella serenading of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao by Japanese "boy band" (if you can use the term for a group that made its debut 20 years ago) SMAP. More on SMAP here. More on Wen Jiabao here and here.



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The Interview

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Every sports journalist knows the famous scene in Bull Durham when veteran catcher Crash Davis instructs rookie pitcher Nuke Laloosh on handling interview questions. "You gotta learn your cliches."

Above, hockey journalist Risto Pakarinen was on the receiving end from hockey player Jarkko Immonen after Finland won the world championships in Bratislava.


Osama's Porn

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Today's "big" story is that pornography ("explicit" pornography, as if there were any other kind) was found in Osama bin Laden's compound. No word from CNN on whether or not a list of his al-Qaeda lieutenants was found as well ... the big story is the porn, it seems.

The inspiration for this cartoon came from Twitter user @eddie_landsberg, who apparently has a much better handle than I do on who's who among Jewish porn stars.


Post-Traumatic Stress

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This is a bit of an insider post for those who know Japan and the situation faced by the Crown Princess, who as a result of pressure put on her by various factors relating to her position within Japan's imperial family (e.g. the pressure to produce a male heir who could some day be emperor) is reported to have been suffering from depression and perhaps other problems since at least 2003. The Crown Princess, a commoner, is seen as somewhat of a tragic figure - who sacrificed her independence and a promising career for her country – and viewed with sympathy by many Japanese.


Wolf Blitzer Reports

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Caught Wolf Blitzer last night on CNN, reporting the death of Osama bin Laden. Like an overexcited schoolboy ...
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