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Texas Representative Ted Poe (R) has proposed legislation that would require that 10 percent of military equipment being returned from Iraq be sent to communities along the U.S.-Mexico border for use in border security operations.

The Tucson Sentinel has more detail

The proposal has drawn criticism from Mayor John Cook of El Paso, who has vigorously disputed assertions that his city, which sits across the border from Ciudad Ju├írez, is affected by the same violence that has plagued northern Mexico.
“I would invite them to come to El Paso and we can look at the inventory of equipment that’s coming back from Iraq and they can tell me where they’d want to locate this,” Cook said. “To me, it’s just showing a whole lot of ignorance.”
The mayor said moving war zone equipment to the border would send the wrong signal to Mexico and potentially damage the robust symbiotic economic relationship between the two countries. 

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