Occupy Tucson!

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As a regular cartoonist for the Tucson Sentinel, I keep an eye on events in that city, and Saturday a local version of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement was held in downtown Armory Park. Around 500 demonstrators participated, and 53 citations were issued for "Remaining in City Park After Hours" [violation of violation of Tucson City Code 21-3(7)(3)].

Inspiration for this cartoon came courtesy of Representative Michelle Bachmann, whose desperate pledge to "finish the border fence" (a pledge that presumably comes with an "if elected" caveat – I don't imagine she feels strongly enough about the issue that we'll see her out in the desert operating a bulldozer once she's knocked out of the presidential race) reminded me that there are millions who would have been very happy to boost the demonstrator numbers at 'Occupy Tucson'.

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