Cool Japan

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The Japanese government has just unveiled a "Cool Japan" logo. Meaning unknown.

I've done my own version above.


Our Man in Abiko said...

I think the original is to connote the nuclear meltdown of Japan into a molten, radioactive fireball. But why they think that would make folk invest in the country, I've no idea.

I'm a big fan, works better. Hence, your design wins.

Anonymous said...

Hey ! ^^
Great blog ^^
Since you seem to be living in Japan I have a question.
Actually I would like to know if you or readers of this blog are interested in writing about the way you have personnally experienced the Northeastern Japan Earthquake (if you haven't but you know people who have experienced the earthquake in Japan, it'd be great if you coud let him/her know about this).
Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest is an online project to gather heart-warming experiences following the earthquake in Japan. We strongly believe that sharing those experiences will give people hope and revitalize Japan.
We also offer 2 tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort to each of the winners.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via the link below.

For more details : http://tokyoroomfinder.blogspot.com/

Roberto said...

Thanks, Anonymous! Glad you like the blog.

Have you heard about Quakebook? Lots of great and heartwarming short essays there. You can buy a bilingual edition benefiting the Japanese Red Cross Society at bookstores throughout Japan, and via Amazon.co.jp.

Roberto said...

Thanks, Our Man! Perhaps you can say something to the prime minister's PR man, get me appointed to run some ministry or something!

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