Grandpa Wen ain't stoopid!

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The inevitable Chinese bullet train crash comic.

I ♥ Hayden Panettiere

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Japanese police this week faced mock protesters in a security drill in Taiji, a fishing village in Wakayama prefecture that has gained international notoriety for dolphin hunts portrayed in the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove. American actress Hayden Panettiere was a protester in Taiji in 2007 during the filming of The Cove and is wanted for questioning by Japanese police.

Save the cheerleader. Save the world. And the dolphins.



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Golfer Tiger Woods fired longtime caddy Steve Williams yesterday, ending a 12-year relationship with the man who carried his golf bag during 13 major championship wins.


Sikh Chic

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Sikhism requires men to wear turbans and not cut their hair and beards. Unfortunately, turbans don't fit under helmets, so Sikh soldiers (and Sikh motorbike riders) don't wear them. I don't have any statistics on whether or not God protects Sikhs more or less as a result.

Signaler Simranjit Singh and Lance Corporal Sarvjit Singh guard Queen Elizabeth II and protect the Crown Jewels.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, 1961-2011

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You know you're unpopular when they not only assassinate you, but also bomb your memorial service.


The Last Shuttle

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Unfortunately, you don't get to fly space shuttles if you're the kind of guy who buzzes the tower without permission.

[Note to the humorless: yes, I know the space shuttle can't buzz the tower because it's a winged paperweight that gets only one shot at a landing. Must you always be so literal?]


Donut Run

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A personal one for Matthew and Neil. Thanks for the photo, Neil, and thanks for the inspiration, Matt!


The Blood and Guts Reconstruction Minister

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Background: Japan's Minister for Reconstruction Ryu Matsumoto resigned after just a week in the job, following criticism for making insensitive remarks to the governor of a prefecture badly affected by March's deadly earthquake and tsunami.


Happy Birthday, CCP!

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Happy birthday to the Communist Party of China. Happy birthday to you.

Transformative Technologies

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Thanks for the photos go to Dr. Mogens Petersen, whom I met on a flight to Kisangani and who became a friend.

The story is mostly made up. There is a Hotel Kisangani, but as far as I know, Samuel and Roger have never had the opportunity to read Wired, nor, probably, have they ever heard of cloud computing and nanoassembly. I'd bet good money, however, they think every day about gettin' outta there.
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