Beers for Books

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Made this comic a couple of years ago for fun after meeting Gary Bremermann, who does incredible work organizing Beers for Books events here in Japan.

If you don't know Beers for Books, the basic idea is that cool bars/restaurants agree to donate $1/¥100 for every drink sold on a specific night, with donations going to fund a high quality local language book for kids via Room to Read.

Since February 2009 B4B has funded more than 110,000 books for kids through beer drinking, and at the moment, Beers for Books events are organized in seven countries. Norm would be proud.


Josh said...

Just the excuse I needed to drink heavily! I'm surprised I haven't heard of this before. Definitely going to look into organizing an event, but first I have to get into fundraising shape...

Roberto said...

Beer me!

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