Tokyo Year Zero

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The damage caused by the March 11 earthquakes and tsunami to the nuclear reactors in Fukushima has left the Tokyo area badly short of energy, and the power utility – Tokyo Electric Power Co. (boo! hiss!) has implemented a system of rolling blackouts outside the Tokyo metropolitan area, and asked residents and businesses to cut back their power use as much as possible.

That's part of the background to this cartoon. The rest of the background is that despite Japan's (well-deserved) reputation as a law-abiding country, quite a bit of sexual harassment goes on, and quite a bit of that occurs in the capital's famously overcrowded trains (it seems Japan's first women-only train cars were put into service in 1912!).


yomi said...

they should get used to darker lights. city and rooms were too bright blinding Scandinavian visitors.

Roberto said...

Half the year, anyway ...

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