Meanwhile, in Shibuya

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One of the potentially most damaging side effects of the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown crisis that is gripping Japan is an austerity campaign that has seen the cancellation of hundreds of events, calls to skip the nation's traditional cherry blossom-themed celebration of springtime, and – probably most important - the cancellation of the season finale of 24, a show so famous here a parliamentarian recently suggested the prime minister could learn a lesson or two about disaster management from Jack Bauer.

The problem, of course, is that if people sit home all day (and night), not spending their money, businesses will go out of business. Thousands of businesses will go out of business.


BiggerInJapan said...

haha, brilliant. Those girls looking soo bored!

Roberto said...

Wonder what the career path is from "Shibuya girl" ...

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