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In my village, around 350 kilometers from the epicenter, yesterday's earthquake was long and slow, but inflicted no major damage. [The major damage was inflicted along Japan's northern Pacific coast, and excellent coverage can be found in many places.] The subsequent tsunami alert prompted some local fishermen to put to sea, but most of the others thought it was too windy to put out safely, so they tried to tie down their boats as well as they could.

As it turned out, we didn't get a tsunami wave of any significance, probably because the village faces in the opposite direction to the epicenter, and is shielded by two peninsulas.

Want to help the earthquake victims? The Red Cross is always a good port in a storm. Japan Red Cross here, but site down now.


Josh said...

Glad your family and village made it through ok! I hope you'll let us know if there are other worthy organizations or ways to help out.

Odette said...

Ditto....happy you and yours are okay.

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