And THIS Week, We're Seceding from Arizona!

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A handful of disgruntled Arizonans are agitating for Pima County (Tucson is there) to secede from Arizona, and form the 51st American state. Co-chairman of the Start Our State movement is Paul Eckerstrom,former Democratic Party chairman for Pima County and – for a period of around two weeks in early 2009 – former chairman of the Democratic Party for Arizona.

Eckerstrom, you see, won the state party chair, then resigned it via e-mail only two weeks later, saying he'd misjudged the amount of work required to serve as state party chairman, Tucson-based attorney, and husband and father. Good luck with that secession thing, then, Paul. Probably won't take up much of your time at all.

[Seriously, though, Paul, there's not much to criticize about a man who chooses family over a party chairmanship. We're aiming at the secession thing here ... and probably will continue to do so until it slides beneath the waves.]

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