Tokyo Metro: Please do it again (you old perv)

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The Tokyo Metro has been running a 'manners campaign' for several years, and each month publishes a new poster in stations. Over the months, the campaign has pretty much covered every bit of proscribed activity (don't throw up on your fellow passengers, don't practice your golf swing on the platform with a wet umbrella, etc.) imaginable, and three months ago moved on to behavior that is apparently encouraged.

The above images are 'repurposed' from a campaign poster that urges passengers to be considerate of their fellow travelers by not ... I don't know, bringing suitcases onto the trains? I'm not sure how they're supposed to get their luggage to the shinkansen or airport, but perhaps this month's poster was sponsored by Yamato Transport.

Anyway, the rude suitcase-pulling woman in this cartoon meets her match in the rude perverted salaryman.

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Taro 3Yen.com said...

I was figuring the train perv already had a grasp of the problem in the moment before the cartoon's scene.


Roberto said...

You're right ... what we really need are another 2-3 panels. :D

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