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The Tokyo Metro has been running a 'manners campaign' for several years, and each month publishes a new poster in stations. Over the months, the campaign has pretty much covered every bit of proscribed activity (don't throw up on your fellow passengers, don't practice your golf swing on the platform with a wet umbrella, etc.) imaginable, and several months ago moved on to behavior that is apparently encouraged.

The above images are 'repurposed' from a campaign poster that urges passengers be considerate of their fellow travelers and not occupy more than one seat. This cartoon follows from the truism that the last two empty seats on virtually any Japanese train will be the ones on either side of a foreigner. "Sit? Next to him/her? I'd rather stand."

This obvious racism really gets up the nose of some resident foreigners, but I consider it one of the better perks of gaijinhood (right up there with being able to reach stuff on high shelves).

[And yes, Javanese comprise the largest Indonesian ethnic group, and are easily differentiated from Japanese, but the country is also home to millions of ethnic Chinese, who are indistinguishable from Japanese.]

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Taro 3Yen said...

Wow! It was great to discover that your site also running a series of Tokyo Metro posters. The last-empty-seat-on-the-is-next-a-gaijin phenomena is one of perks too here in Tokyo. In the future month I will have fun comparing our parodies. Great minds think like, ha, ha.


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