Debating 101

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Wednesday night's Arizona gubernatorial debate was only an hour long, but it contained what Governor Jan Brewer called "the longest 16 seconds of my life".

And rightly so. Brewer, like the other candidates given one minute to introduce herself and her platform, spent 16 seconds of that time in silence, presumably trying to figure out either who she is or what she stands for.

A report on the incident, as well as video of the entire hour-long debate is here in the Tucson Sentinel, and a clip of Brewer's Mute Minute is here on YouTube.

Sadly, Brewer's inability to prepare even a 60 second summary of her position probably won't matter to her election chances. She's the one who signed Arizona Senate Bill 1070 into law this past April, so she's feelin' the love from the Guns & God crowd.

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