Silver Bullet

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Under Arizona's new immigration law, police are required to stop and question anyone they 'reasonably suspect' of being an undocumented alien, and resident aliens are required to carry documentation at all times proving they are in the country legally.

The question of what constitutes "reasonable suspicion", and how police can develop reasonable suspicions has prompted concerns that the law will result in sharply increased racial profiling, with brown-skinned, "Latino-looking" citizens (and Arizona is roughly 26% Latino) being stopped and asked for identification.

However, police departments across Arizona recently agreed on a "fool-proof" method of identifying illegal immigrants from Mexico that does not involve racial profiling. Taking advantage of the World Cup fever that is gripping the entire globe except for the United States, police plan to simply ask motorists for their views about the latest World Cup results. Motorists expressing little to no interest, or who have no idea what the World Cup is, will be permitted to continue. Motorists who respond enthusiastically and volubly, especially in Spanish, will be questioned further.


Somewhere in Tokyo: iPhone

Yes, it's true. Japanese really do queue for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

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Somewhere in Tokyo: Lunch

For those who don't know, Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store chain.

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My Big Fat Swedish (Royal) Wedding

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Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito showed the hinomaru Sunday in Stockholm, where he rubbed elbows with hundreds of extremely minor European royals who were wearing thousands of self-awarded decorations.

The Crown Prince, representing the Emperor and Empress, and Japan, brought along some gee-whiz Japanese technology, a point-and-shoot camera with which he presumably took photos he is at this moment boring other members of the imperial family with back in Tokyo.

Somewhere in Tokyo: Underwear

Based on a true story. Thanks, と.

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Leon Perlmutter, Retiree

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L'Affaire Anelka

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When French forward Nicolas Anelka reacted badly to criticism from coach Raymond Domenech, then refused to apologize, the coach and French Football Federation dismissed him from the team and sent him home to France. Where he will be followed in short order, very likely, by the rest of his teammates, who stand on one point after two games.

Rooney World

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Media critics have been swooning over the recent Nike advert featuring England's Wayne Rooney, Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, and World Cup spectator Ronaldinho, and though I think it's pretty ordinary, considering what must have been the budget, there's nice imagery of Rooney living in a trailer park, some years after an imagined Baggio-like failure on the world's biggest football stage.

I'm writing this in advance of England's do-or-die third match against Slovenia Wednesday, but if Rooney fails to score or get an assist, he will have played 523 minutes in seven World Cup matches without putting himself on the scoresheet.

Not that that will put him in any danger of trailer park living, of course ...



Israel has not made available an exact accounting of its Navy's interception of four suspected Palestinian terrorists off the Gaza coast, but sources have revealed to POLITICOMIX that an underwater battle involving one of the world's top secret agents resulted in the deaths of all four men. The mastermind of the terrorist cell, believed to be a man named Emilio Largo, remains at large.
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