Fake Kermit Sez: Secure the Border

Pulling out all the stops in an effort to defend her signing into law of an immigration bill that requires police officers to demand proof of legal residency from people they suspect of any sort of illegal activity (and implicitly requires racial profiling of – again implicitly - brown-skinned Hispanics), Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has enlisted the support of a knock-off Kermit the Frog puppet.

Also obviously a public service announcement in support of reading (in English, José, and don't you forget it), though obviously not songwriting, the frog talks up the virtues of reading while various public officials are shown saying they haven't read the law they're supposedly criticizing.

The lyrics of the song go like this: "Reading is really super swell. Reading's great so let's all shout it out. Reading helps you know what you're talking about."

And the real irony is that it appears on Brewer's SecureTheBorder website, which is headed by a photograph of Brewer with the notoriously literate ... Sarah Palin.

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