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Funky said...

does anyone know which songs was she charged for?

Anonymous said...


Roberto said...

World's most expensive playlist.

I'd think she has a reasonably case for a lawsuit on the grounds of mental anguish ... how many people want their playlists made public?

Anonymous said...

Of the 40,000+ families they have tried to vilify, how many of those "young minds" have sworn to spread the word about what you are really about?

And which of you two do you think the other young minds are listening to? I'm not that young, and I know better than to believe each and every person who downloads a free song owes you $150,000 dollars. You're all a**holes and I made sure my kids, their friends, their cousins and classmates know it, too.

Roberto said...

Anonymous, I've read your comment three times and I've got no fucking idea what you're talking about.

The main problem seems to be your use of pronouns, i.e. when you write "they" and "you", who the fuck are you talking about?

The creator of Politicomix, through which Cary Sherman has decided to issue the RIAA's public statements? The guy who asked what was on Thomas-Rasset's playlist and therefore must be a member of the "everything on the Internet is free" community?

Kudos for spelling "vilify" correctly, though.

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