Nelson & The Dalai Lama


Ian said...

Appreciate the cartoon, but what does Thabo Mbeki have to do with anything? He hasn't been president for a while now, so your cartoon unfortunately has the effect of blaming/crediting Bush for the terms of the bailout being pushed by Obama


Roberto said...

Seriously? Thabo's gone and I didn't notice??? Fucking hell ... THAT'S not like me!!!

Not sure what you mean, though, about the bailout in reference to this cartoon.

Roberto said...

Changed the visuals, Ian, thanks.

Ian said...

Just that it lost all effect by fingering the wrong guy. After all, naturally Mbeki would have stood up to China, right? :)

Surprised you missed the news about Mbeki being ousted, your news junky cred is hanging by a thread! The new pres will be gone in April though, and president Zuma should provide you many more years worth of cartoon opportunities.

Roberto said...

Mbeki CERTAINLY would have stood up to China, even if it meant losing access to all those traditional Chinese AIDS cures!

As for Zuma, yes, I'm tracking him ... he'll be quick to enact the Berlusconi Amendment to the constitution, I imagine, once he gets into office.

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