Real Money


Coq Baroque said...

strange! we have the same name... I'm roberto too.
we have, almost, the same blog. And we use the same tools! :)
keep up the good job!

Roberto said...

Fantastic! Love your blog (though I have to struggle with the translations)!

Coq Baroque said...

I imagine, easier for me to understand yours...

have to say we are lucky to be from U.S and from Italy, with our governments.
Bush and Berlusconi are made for jokes. Think at all the poor germans, british ecc. ecc. with their serious politicians making serious job!

did you manage to publish something outiside the blog? I recently started to publish mines in a major italian online news paper... no money tough!

Roberto said...

And think of the poor Chinese ... their government is a joke, but they can't say anything. And if they do, it's taken down!

As for Japan, the political process does not even have a pulse.

Publishing outside ... I'm working on it. Would love to! Not a great time to try to break in, though, unless it's for no money. :-(

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