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Our modern world was on the greatest voyage of ever strengthening human hope that began at the end of WW1 when the horror of war death shook the decency of humanity to its core. It learned the depths of its vulnerability and soon the mighty economic depression plunged that hope into darkness once more. The WW2 blood spilling repeated; there have been no darker days of avoidable, global horrific misery. Reflecting on the real power we have to manage such human caused catastrophe, great world leaders emerged and the USA leadership shone forward as a great beacon for the rest of the world. Its leadership was pronounced and strong and real, because its population had fully embraced democracy and the free market system to a greater degree than others; and its population was educated, efficient and productive.

The USA mobilised its vast natural resources more effectively than others and this combination fed on itself; the consequence was the greatest boom in human material welfare in human existence. Many major nations were involved, but the USA leadership drove massive advances across all elements of global society. The impact was immense, and in legal institutions, market reforms, government, medicine, technology, etc etc, America’s leadership was inspirational and we all benefited; all global democracies modelled themselves on America, because she delivered the best -to the most. We adopted all these treasured ideals and values and we made them our own. The United Nations was born and the entire human frameworks were all in place to address any challenge possible, depression, war, sickness, and potential to spread fairness and goodness to all on our earth.

This USA led inspirational achievement is remarkable and the world is deeply indebted to America, this leadership, through successive inspiring presidents, has had major challenges; largely overcome through the ideals and values that America itself championed. The world had a role model, the world had a trusted superpower; the free world had a true friend.

That has all ended with the ascent of the most destructive leader America and the world has ever had the gravest misfortune to inherit; George W. Bush.

When Iraq totally agreed to allow full unrestricted testing for WMD’s under U.N. Resolution 1441; George Bush was then obliged at our international law, to prove his claim of WMD’s -by testing; and not killing a soul. This man chose to kill over 100,000 in a war that is in violation of The U.N. Charter, of U.N. Resolution 1441, that every prior USA President put in place and honoured and it is in violation of the USA Constitution. He killed 3300% more than 9/11 and Iraq wasn’t involved in 9/11 and in April 2008, 4000+ Americans had died at his hand.

George Bush has killed. Horrifically. He has also killed his own, for nothing; the vilest sacrifice possible. His war has also gravely weakened all the internationally supported institutions, legal, moral, ethical, and the values, goals, achievements, gains, safety nets, morays and hope, put in place by America’s former good leaders and valued friends; and George Bush has made our world a very, very dangerous place. He has also utterly destroyed the good name and reputations of Americans; regrettably they are loathed around the world because of this man alone. A legacy Americans do not deserve when America gave so much to the world. This man must be impeached and face war crimes charges.

There is a beacon arising once more from the darkness; this beacon is at the hand of Barack Obama.

The Obama Oration

© Glenn Floyd 2008

In the dawning of the past 1900’s millennium, - the deepest faith of our new world’s daughters and sons, - forged the first steps of our sacred journey of internationally linked humanity – and entrusted us, - to never allow its spirit to diminish.

Its eternal light, - was kindled by the heartfelt and profoundest belief, - that the blessings, - the bounty, - the natural tapestry of their sacred legacy, - remain fertile, forever growing, and the absolute birthright, - of all their children, of all succeeding generations of the free world.

We reflect at this new millennium’s dawn, - to witness the greatest tragedy. – The spirit, so clearly understood, - so fiercely kindled in deep trust, - so fervently bestowed, - solely at the hand of USA President George W. Bush in his Iraq war; has become a faded beacon in the night, - and now drives the deepest international community division. This man alone has destroyed all the United Nations’ traditions established by the USA and her strong friends and deeply honoured since 1949.

The very souls of all our people in international community, - feel sullied to the core. The deepest recesses of good hearts, – are saddened by the fire’s dimming. –

And the burdensome enslavement of the international spirit, - rests heavily upon the conscience.

This leader who was entrusted by international charter, a constitutional imperative , - to ensure the brightly burning spirit of world peace, - in full sail set, - has no horizon, - in his disgrace, - now tests the deepest faith and hope, - of our international founding mothers and fathers and all our global citizens.

If the quintessence if democratic morality of humanity, has been tested ever in full nationhood, - it has been tested in the United Nations. – For it is only an unencumbered free democracy, - which will truly nurture, - the spirit of the true sacred, united human journey.

These most profound failures of leadership, - and their impact upon our sister’s and brother’s deep need to see the beacon, - now brings the bloodied battlefield of democratic morality, - to each citizen’s conscience.

Our conflicts are the feral lusts and excesses of the unenlightened, - driving warring agendas for political self interest. The manipulations of fear used in this tragic farce is the unjust weaponry of demonisation, the vilest lie is ‘The Axis of Evil’.

Moreover, - inviolable human rights are because of this; chillingly subsumed. We cannot - and must not - exclude any section of our global community, - for without each of us; - we have no community.

At no other time in our United Nations’ history, - have our democratic moral values been so greatly challenged, – our birthright been so tested to its absolute tolerance to endure.

Past world military engagements have forged our collective resistance to the obvious and known external threat. – Our enemy now exists within, - the insidious unseen, - unlocks the mesh of our human fabric, - by non-awareness of the unquestioned duty of inclusive decisiveness, - at the moral moment.

We now see rising, - in the people, the genesis of the reborn cherished spirit. Fervently re-ignited by a passion for veneration of our birthright, - so sacredly bestowed. It rises in the USA once again, at the hand of Senator Barack Obama. It is reborn of dignity, it is reborn of inspiration and it is reborn of his profound personal leadership ability.

Now, in the dawn of the new millennium, - a force of restless conscience stirs, and ascends. – Women and men of courage, - stand to take our common voyage of partnership again together, - peacefully.

An energized and growing potency, - so powerful, - its sense of righteousness for all in this fair world, - will not be challenged.

This tidal wave of honour, - standing together for all citizens, - to peacefully resist the warring agenda, is but one measure of the ethical phenomena.

The movement is alive, the movement carries the inherited passion conceived at United Nationhood, - and the movement bears the intrinsic and unbridled ferocity of goodness, - fairness; - the hallmark of humanity, in this vast, lonely universe.

But above all, - the movement is reborn of the souls of ordinary women and men of our inheriting new generations, and of gentle and profoundly gifted leaders as Barack Obama. His wisdom and leadership is witnessed by such honoured American daughters such as Bonnie Locchetta, a Rushville Indiana citizen http://www.rushvillerepublican.com:80/homepage/local_story_088114941.html who gave her honest hard earnings to support a leader she deeply and truly recognises as ‘of the people’.

For it is we world citizens, - who accept the bestowing of such priceless gifts, - it is we, - who accept the precious flame, - it is we who see there is so much to be done, - to keep it everlasting. -……………it is we, - who refute and reject, - the divisiveness of exclusionary leadership.

Movement is felt throughout our globe once again, - inspiration rises as an unfettered ocean swell, - and common, impassioned people of honour have rallied. – the fervour of democratic deepest honesty under Barack Obama, - chronicles the stirring conscience, - the re-birth of the deepest spirit of our forebears is again witnessed. We must, - at the dawn of this new millennium, and forever, - ensure the new fervent resolve, - born of the brightest spirit of our trusting forebears, is not bestowed in vain.

When the phenomenon of exclusionary leadership under George Bush, - so virulently pervades the international will, - we, the world’s people, shall demonstrate, that democratic moral leadership, - is the core of moral conscience. – And the promise of our forebears, - shall never again be tarnished.

And the choice, of the people’s democratic philosophy, for the new millennium, - will once more restore the sacred journey of international nationhood for our entire world’s people.

And that deeply enshrined in its moral code, will be an absolute freedom for all people, - guaranteed by explicit charter, - and by United Nations’ birthright.

And its object and intent, - will be to utterly repudiate the rise of exclusionary leadership, - and hold world government accountable, - to the hearts and the hands of all the people.

To guarantee this noble franchise in posterity, - we embody ‘The Millennium Precedent’ as the founding principle of our new global democratic charter.



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