It's War!

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[Former mayor] Michael Bloomberg has declared war (again) on the National Rifle Association, pledging to spend $50 million this year to build a nationwide grass-roots network he hopes will be able to fight the N.R.A.


As Good As Any Other Explanation

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It probably didn't happen this way, but this is ... as good as any other explanation.


Judgment Day

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Word has it Fred Phelps, Sr., merchant of hate and prejudice, is at death's door.

I can't imagine what Hell for Fred Phelps would look like, but I bet it will be nicely decorated, and that all the boys at the gym will be wearing short shorts.



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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced Wednesday that she will not run for re-election, ending speculation that she might seek a third term.

Chances, are, though, that when Jan rides off into the sunset, there will be plenty of guns left in the valley.


Be Prepared

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CNN's Anderson Cooper talks with Arizona State Senator Al Melvin, a backer of SB 1062, a measure that would amend the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and that some say would allow Arizona business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers as long as proprietors were acting solely on their religious beliefs.
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